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Lingaun Valley Tourism Clg is a non-profit community based company.

Welcome to our website and to Lingaun Valley. Our short term targets are to create trails, walks and cycling routes to link the ancient and sacred sites, and other sites of interest in the Lingaun Valley in a way that will provide a unique satisfying and healthy experience. To improve access to all the sites and to sign post all the routes/trails, and to tell the stories behind these sites.

To achieve these initial targets we will need to have discussions with land owners and residents, and assure them of our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly development, and reach agreement with them.

We will need to work with Government bodies in order to obtain appropriate grant funding and discuss proposed projects (as we identify them with the local communities) get their approval, achieve agreement. We will then have to raise the statutory matching funding through holding public fundraising events and presentations etc. which we have been unable to do during this year due to the pandemic.

We are asking for donations in order to achieve the matching funding, and create a valley that is very unique, special to live in, work in, and visit. 

Please help us to invest in the future, create something special and caring in this difficult time.

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Your donation will help us prepare for your future visit to our valley.

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