Exciting Experiences Await at Lingaun Valley

A beautiful landscape along the Lingaun River. This ancient river flows from Slievenamon Mountain down to Carrick-on-Suir. It plays an important role supporting the richness of traditions, arts and sculptures from prehistoric through medieval and up to modern times.

There is a lot to explore, many varied interesting sites, some of Christian and pre-Christian occupancy in the valley, High Crosses and probable monastic settlements, the industrial heritage of the Slate Quarries and the architecture of Ahenny village with houses built for the workers who were originally mainly from Wales. Ogham Stones from the 9th century at Lamogue – with the oldest form of written old Irish language inscribed, Knockroe Passage Tomb constructed more than 5000 years ago with its unique alignment to the sunrise and the sunset on the day of the Winter Solstice each year.

Come and see for yourself how the Lingaun River flows though time, the enchantment and mysteries of Ireland’s historic and pre-historic past coupled with the beauty and tranquility of the present day countryside.

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“Ancient Lingaun- as old as the land itself….. ritual stones, tombs, and high crosses sacred to the people who lived here, 5,000 years ago…. with stories treasured and told by those who inhabit that same ancient space today”

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