Michael Hogan Memorial

Memory of Michael Hogan

The graveyard beside the Church is the burial place of Michael Hogan, the Tipperary footballer who was shot dead on Bloody Sunday in Croke Park, 1920. The Hogan Stand in Croke Park is named after him. He was active in the IRA and played in the football match that day despite having been advised not to do so. British and Irish disquiet over the slaughter on Bloody Sunday were crucial in eventually leading to the 1921 Truce and subsequent Treaty negotiation through which Irish freedom for the 26 counties was won after 800 years of English rule.

Michael Hogan’s family grave is located in the graveyard to the left of the Church in Grangemockler. As well as the family headstone, there is a statue erected over the grave by the GAA with an inscription in Irish. There is also a plaque on the pier at the front entrance to the churchyard commemorating Michael Hogan.

The Brown family, influential literary, political and religious figures in 20th century Ireland were born in what is now Powers Pub.

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