Ahenny High Crosses

Two impressive high crosses dating from the eighth century

Ahenny High Cross
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On the Tipperary side of the Lingaun is a site with two impressive High Crosses. These were commissioned in the 8th century by Cearbille, High King of Ossory.

The Crosses are part of the Ossory group of High Crosses. They stand over 3 metres high and are made of sandstone.

The larger of the two Crosses is called the Cross of Ages and displays relief scenes on the base from the bible. The North Cross has carvings of Adam naming the animals, a funeral procession and seven figures carrying staffs. The South Cross depicts a hunting scene, Daniel in the Lions Den, and the Fall of Man.

Was there a third Cross? Are they connected to the story of the seven Bishops? Legend has it there was a third, more elaborate Cross which fell overboard and was lost as it was being taken to England.

Models of these Crosses from 1908 are displayed in the Medieval Mile Museum in Kilkenny City.

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