Killamery High Cross

Iconic Irish/ Celtic Symbol

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Today the sites most dominant feature is a First Fruits church dedicated to St. Nicholas. The church was built in the year 1815 with a gift of 900 pounds from the Board of First Fruits and was in use until the early 1900’s.

During the 19th century it was a rectory in the Diocese of Ossory and would have been a valuable source of income with tithes amounting to 280 pounds.

The cemetery is notable for containing a Celtic High Cross, an inscribed cross slab, two Bullauns and a holy well. St. Nicholas well is found on the North side of the graveyard.

In 1798 signal fires were lit all across Munster to signal rebellion against British rule, the signal was spotted by a loyalist publican who triggered the alarm. The rebels were given the choice of exile to Van Diemens land or death, many chose death. Killamery was the burial location of the dead rebels from the battle of nearby Carrigmoclear 1798.

The High Cross dates from the 9th century. The sides of the Cross are highly decorated. The ends of the arms have scenes from the Bible, the Southern arm Noah in the Ark, The Northern arm scenes from the life of John the Baptist.

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